Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Robosoul Apps

Standards Check

• Remind yourself how the scoring system works by holding your finger on the green scoring box for a couple of seconds. A prompt will pop up with more information.

Road Board

• Triple tap on a car to bring up an additional menu which enables you to add brake lights and reverse lights.
• Double tap on a filter traffic light to toggle the filter arrow on and off.
• Double tap on a basic traffic light to change it from a red to a flashing amber light (as in a pelican crossing).
• Open your iPad's settings app to customise how Road Board works.

ADI Records

• Tap the "i" button below the pupil list to bring up a list of the "Show Me Tell Me" questions and answers.
• Keep parents informed by adding an additional email address (in the pupil's Details section) and selecting the option to "Cc Emails To Additional Email Address".
• Use the "Payments" section to store a list of each pupil's preferred lesson times. Tap a lesson time to quickly schedule the lesson in your diary.
• Open your device's settings app to customise how ADI Records works.


• Adjust the point of turn in the Parallel Park section by using the back/forward buttons (<< & >>) to position the car ready to turn. A settings button (cog icon) will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the button and use the slider to adjust the position of the car.
• Select from a range of signalling options in the Parallel Park section by enabling the "ORU" switch and advancing the animations until the purple car appears. When the purple car has stopped, a number of different signalling options can be demonstrated using the controls that appear on the left.

Pedestrian Crossings

• Show a close up view of the pedestrian about to press the control button by running the "Anticipation" animation and pausing the action shortly before the pedestrian steps onto the road. An "i" button will appear near the pedestrian. Tap this button to show the close up view. This can be done in the Pelican and Puffin sections of the app.

Emergency Stop

• Show a close up view of the pedestrian's feet visible under the van by running the "Parked Van" animation (in the Planning section) and pausing the action when the pedestrian is hidden behind the van. An "i" button will appear on top of the van. Tap this button to show the close up view.

Give Way

• Add a "G" to the MSPSL routine by tapping between the second "S" and the "L". Tap again to make the it disappear.


• Pause all cars simultaneously by tapping the centre of the roundabout.

Indy Drive

• Help pupils with Irlen Syndrome by tapping the menu button and selecting the option to "Show Colour Palette". Use the colour palette to select a background which makes it easier for your pupil to see the route on the screen. See here for more information about Irlen Syndrome.

Mock Test

• Remove a minor fault by dragging it sideways out of the fault box. This works best in landscape mode, but can also be done in portrait mode if you pause for a moment after touching the screen and before moving your finger sideways.