Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be releasing more of your apps on the Android platform?
I would love to be able to bring you the full range of Robosoul apps on Android. However, due to low demand, it is not clear if/when this will be possible. Please take a look at the Android apps page for more information.

Amazon Kindle

Can these apps be used on the Amazon Kindle or Kindle Fire?
Sorry, Amazon devices are not supported. Due to low demand, there are currently no plans to support these devices.

Road Board

How do I delete a saved file?
Select "Open" from the menu to bring up the list of saved files. Touch the filename of the file you want to delete and hold your finger in place for a few seconds. The file will be deleted.

How do I make the traffic lights work?
Use a single-tap on the traffic lights to advance the basic sequence.
For filter lights, double tap on the traffic lights to bring up the menu and toggle the filter light button.

How do I rotate things?
There are several ways to rotate an item. Double tapping the item will bring up a submenu which contains a slider which you can drag to change the rotation. You can also place two fingers on the item and twist to rotate. Another (and perhaps the best) is to place one finger on top of the item, then use another finger to tap outside the item in the direction you want it to face.

How do I transfer Road Board files between devices?
Unfortunately, you won't be able to find the files. The data is held in a database which is device specific due to the many different Android screen sizes. Therefore you can't currently transfer your saved files to another device.

Road Pad

My tablet is a Wi-Fi only model. Can I use Road Pad to save images of tricky junctions and use them in the car while teaching?
Yes. Whenever you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can load up satellite images on the app and save them into memory. You can then retrieve these image when you are out at work without an internet connection.

I'm looking at the satellite view but the image quality isn't so good. Why is this?
The satellite images in Road Pad are provided by Google. The app uses the most up-to-date images available. For many parts of the world, particularly in big cities, these images are of a very good resolution and extremely useful for teaching purposes. In some areas, particularly rural areas, the resolution is not as high, and may not be suitable for teaching. Google are constantly updating and improving their satellite images. As soon as new, improved images are made public by these providers, they are available to view in Road Pad.

Why are some satellite images out of date?
Google is constantly updating and improving its cache of images of the globe. However, it does not provide a live satellite image to your device so some images will inevitably be more up-to-date than others. If there is a road or junction in your area that has been recently built, you may not be able to get a satellite view of it. As Google updates its images of the relevant area, the new road or junction will become visible through their service. As soon as Google makes new images available, they are available to you in Road Pad.

Can I search for a specific address?
Search is not currently supported in Road Pad. Since most instructors are working in a local area that they know well, search isn’t generally required. It is usually simpler to zoom out and zoom in again at the location you want to use. Turn on street names (labels) in the main menu to help with this if you need to find something quickly.