Two ways to force quit an app

In a perfect world, all software would work perfectly all the time. Unfortunately, bugs are a part of life, and every now and again you can find yourself needing to completely flush an app from memory so the next time you launch it, it starts up in its default state.

This is called "force quitting". Force quitting does not delete the app from your device, nor does it delete any saved data. It simply restarts your session with the app, which is exactly what you need if the app is in an inconsistent state.

One way to force quit a running app is to push and hold the power button (on the top of your device) until you see the "slide to power off" screen. Now release the power button and instead hold down the home button (on the front of your device). Keep holding the home button until the app quits. Now you can relaunch the app and start using it as normal again.

A second way to force quit an app is to use the multitasking bar. First you need to quit the app in the normal way by pressing the home button. To access the multitasking bar, press the home button twice in quick succession. The last app you were using should be at the far left of the multitasking bar. Now touch and hold on any of the icons until they start to wobble and a red circle with a minus sign appears at the top left corner of each icon. Tap the minus sign on the app you want to force quit. The icon should disappear. Now tap the home button again, and relaunch the app in the normal way.

You shouldn't have to do this kind of thing very often, and I hope you never have to do it with one of my apps. But it's a handy trick to know if ever you find yourself stuck with an app that's doing something you don't want. By force quitting, you can take control of the situation and return the app back to a familiar state.