Staying charged on the move

If you're an ADI who uses an iPad during lessons, you've probably already thought about how to make sure you've always got battery power when you need it. Here are some tips that might help:

Starting every day with a full charge is, of course, a good idea.

It also makes sense to have a charging device in the car to fall back on if you need it. There are a few of these out there, including the Griffin Powerjolt (which I use) and the the Belkin Micro Car Charger. Both of these are dependable brands and both devices are available from Amazon (links below). The Griffin Powerjolt is going for only £8.99 at the time of writing, which I think is a bargain.
Griffin GC23092 PowerJolt (2Ax1 USB) Charger for iPod / iPhone / iPad - Black
Belkin - Micro Car Charger adapter 2100 mAh + ChargeSync cable for iPhone/iPod/iPad (F8Z689cw)

Belkin also supply a USB Car Charger adapter, which is available on Amazon for only £2.70. You’ll have to supply your own cable, and it doesn’t specifically claim to support the iPad, but at that price maybe it’s worth a shot anyway...
Belkin USB Car Charger

Here's another tip for keeping your iPad going during lessons: don't get the new iPad (the one they're calling "3rd generation")! I just upgraded my iPad 2 for one of these and, although I'm happy with it, I'm noticing one major drawback: the battery really struggles when the screen brightness is turned up high. For lessons during the day, I usually have the brightness turned up to the max. Obviously, this is always going to tax the battery more than a lower setting, but the new iPad seems to be particularly power hungry when bright is what you need. Having said that, the Retina display is absolutely fantastic, and I always have my charger on hand in the car should I need it.